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!Name: Angelica
!Age: 15
!Location: Richmond, Virginia
!Top ten bands and top ten movies:
Bands: the early november - dashboard confessional (don't kill me for saying that. please. haha) - matchbook romance - bright eyes - in september - the spill canvas - emery - coheed and cambria - fear before the march of flames - death cab for cutie
Movies: donnie darko. the beach. encino man. bowling for columbine. kill bill volume 1 & 2. labyrinth. and there are no more. sad i can't even name 10 movies i like. hehe
!Post one picture of yourself being as emo as possible, and one picture of yourself being as non-emo as possible:
emo: (oh so sorry if this picture is hard to see, loves... the lighting in the room isn't so good ><)


1)Do you consider yourself emo? why the fuck? no. i know you guys are probably sick of hearing this, and i hate repeating stuff cause i know it's bad for your health - but i don't like labels. i am just me.
2)Whats the most obscure band you've ever referenced? in september. cause the guy is really the coolest guy in the world, and he actually DOESN'T suck. which is amazing for an obscure band.
3)What's your favorite article of clothing you own? hoodies. i love them. summer, winter, it doesn't matter. i wear them always. they're like security blankets.
4) TRIVIA: What instrument does Bryce Avary of the Rocket Summer play? every instrument under the sun
5) Do you own a scarf/peacoat? i own scarfs. they keep my neck warm.
6) Have you ever caught yourself crying at a show? yeah. (i think some dust got in my eye. what? it was outside. ^^) hehe, but really. i have cried at shows.
7) Do you eat mac and cheese? If so, how often? OH YES. it's my FAVORITE food. anytime, anywhere. i eat it always - like it's going out of style.
8) Do you own a messenger bag? If so, how many? i own one. but it's cool cause it was made in mexico by some little kid. and it's ten thousand colors.
9) Do you shop at Hot Topic? yep, i'm not going to lie. they have nice jewelry and vinyl records. vinyl = love.


1) New dashboard or old Dashboard? old. the acoustic guitar was working better for him.
2) New Brand New or old Brand New? that's almost an oxymoron. old brand new? haha
3) New Saves the Day or old Saves the Day? Stay What You Are-era Saves The Day
4) New Something Corporate Or old SoCo? old. i will always love Konstantine.
5) Shows or Concerts? [how many would you say you attend weekly/monthly?] shows... and about 3. depending on who rolls through richmond.

and now it's time to stamp me, oh stamping gods.
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