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Swear I'm Not Emo

oh break my little heart

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Tired of people calling you emo when you SWEAR you're not? Or, are you sad that your cuffed pants and death cab pins go unnoticed?

We'll tell you whether or not you're emo. or at least whether or not we think you're cool.

And if you break any rules, you'll get kicked out before you can say "wait! where's my scarf?"

And don't worry, we don't have sticks up our asses, everyone gets in except assholes and bitches [and those very annoying people that make us puke out our eyes,] unless you're a funny asshole. or bitch.

Contact the mods with any questions:



not following the rules will result in a warning, banning, or sexual harrasment, at the discretion of the moderators.

* you must post an application within 48 hours of joining.

* applications must be lj-cut. to do an lj cut, just put [lj-cut] before your entry, except replace [] with <>

* you cannot post in any other entry besides your application until you are stamped.

* you will either recieve a vote of emo or not emo. it's up to you to decide whether emo is a compliment or an insult.

* the stamping is purely for fun. applicants may recieve special stamps outside the usual ones. if you do not recieve a special stamp. dont bitch. this just simply means we do not love you as much.

* no bitching about stamping

* no insulting of any moderators is allowed, unless its really really funny.

* subject lines of all applications must be "THE HAIR"

* feel free to make fun of people applying, but don't get personal. your momma jokes, however, are completely encouraged.

* a picture must be included in your application. if you dont have a picture, a paint rendition of yourself will be necessary. If not included, we will make one for you. This cannot be changed, no matter how ugly and/or insulting. (i.e. fangs, man breasts, genitalia)

* Please do not use Acronyms* for bands or movies. If you do, I will be forced to make fun of whatever your goddamn acronym happens to stand for. *For the dull, an acronym is when you use just the initials of something in question. For example, it does not take that long to type out the words The Rocket Summer... please do not say TRS instead. The following acronyms are BANNED: TEN, E11, SOCO, TSL, TCP, FSF, MSC, TRS, BK!, DCFC, LOTR, GOF, POA, JOA, OC, OTP, ICMAMLNB

IF ANY RULES ARE BROKEN, YOU ARE OUT! AND WE WILL MOCK YOU IN YOUR JOURNAL!!! because to answer that cliched question, no we do not have anything better to do



!Top ten bands and top five movies:
!Post one picture of yourself being as emo as possible, and one picture of yourself being as non-emo as possible:


1)Do you consider yourself emo? why the fuck?
2)Whats the most obscure band you've ever referenced? Where did you hear about them?
3)What's your favorite article of clothing you
4) TRIVIA (don't fuckin' cheat. seriously.): In the webcomic "Questionable Content," what BAND is prominently featured on a poster in Marten's apartment?
5) Do you wear your belt sideways?
6) Have you ever caught yourself standing close to the PA with your arms folded, expressionless, at a show?
7) Do you eat at taco bell? How often?
8) Do you own a messenger bag? If so, how many? List ANY patches or buttons it has. Or writing.
9) Do you shop at Hot Topic? If so, what do you buy there? Hopefully not bondage pants, right?
10) Do you prefer shows, or concerts? How many would you say you go to per month?
OPINIONS (note: yes im aware that some-or none- of these bands aren't "emo." But im trying to get a feel for you here, so answer HONESTLY)

1) Dashboard
2) Finch (or "The Bird Band" as I like to call it)
3) Fall Out Boy
4) Norma Jean
5) Hot Hot Heat
6) Fugazi
7) Bright Eyes
8) Metallica
9) Destiny's Child
10) Simple Plan

Here are the stamps. They are pretty self explanatory, and if you dont understand them, we are going to punch you in the face

You Are Not EMO [Or Cool in ANY WAY] Just Because You:

~* Wear thick rimmed glasses. everyone has them. NOTE: if you wear them, and do not have a perscription, you are just dumb. and i know a lot of people that would like to punch your face in
~* Say you listen to music no one has ever heard of. please, actually listen to the band. because 9 times out of 10, no one else is listeing to them, because they suck.
~* Wearing a beret
~* dont. type. like. this. it. is. just. annoying. you. fruit. muffin.
~* cry.. alot.
~* Cutting yourself, takeing pictures of it, then makeing an icon is not cool. its just wierd
~* as much as you may think so, good charolette and simple plan, are not cool
~* drinking coffee does not make you cool.
~* TyPiNg LiKe ThIs JuSt MaKeS PeOpLe WaNt To KiLl YoU
~* Shopping at goodwill and thrift stores does not make you emo.
~* doing pills does not make you neither emo nor cool. I would know
~*Wear clothes that are too small
~*Roll up your jean cuffs
~*Wear a tie without a collared shirt

ps. when you get stamped, promote like like the little bitch you are. =)

Banned List!

these are the people that dared to fuck with us: