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The hair.


!Name: Amanda Lee.
!Age: 18.
!Location: Utah.
!Top ten bands and top five movies:
Music: Blonde Redhead, Murder By Death, Circa Survive, Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie, The Stiletto Formal, Broken Social Scene, Pinback, Death From Above 1979, Elliott Smith
Movies: The Land Before Time is a good one.
!Post one picture of yourself being as emo as possible, and one picture of yourself being as non-emo as possible:
My boyfriend and I played dress up and called it "Screamo Fest".

This was a couple of months ago when I went through an anti-fashion sweatsuit revolution.


1)Do you consider yourself emo? Why the fuck? Nope.
2)Whats the most obscure band you've ever referenced? Where did you hear about them? Uh. I'm not sure.
3)What's your favorite article of clothing you
My hooded peacoat.
4) TRIVIA (don't fuckin' cheat. seriously.): In the webcomic "Questionable Content," what BAND is prominently featured on a poster in Marten's apartment? Never heard of it.
5) Do you wear your belt sideways? No.
6) Have you ever caught yourself standing close to the PA with your arms folded, expressionless, at a show? Many times, haha.
7) Do you eat at taco bell? How often? Never.
8) Do you own a messenger bag? If so, how many? List ANY patches or buttons it has. Or writing. I have one.
9) Do you shop at Hot Topic? If so, what do you buy there? Hopefully not bondage pants, right? I really dislike that store, most everything it sells, the people it appeals to, and that signature Hot Topic stench.
10) Do you prefer shows, or concerts? How many would you say you go to per month? Definitely shows. I go whenever there is a decent band in town.

OPINIONS (note: yes im aware that some-or none- of these bands aren't "emo." But im trying to get a feel for you here, so answer HONESTLY)

1) Dashboard: I never listened to them.
2) Finch: (or "The Bird Band" as I like to call it) I used to love Finch. They were the first band I listened to with screaming.
3) Fall Out Boy: Never liked them.
4) Norma Jean: My boyfriend and I enjoy listening to them when we're in a cheesy energetic mood--a lot like the mood we were experiencing in the above "Screamo Fest" photo.
5) Hot Hot Heat: Their old music is so awesome. "Haircut Economics" is a good song. But all their more mainstream music is annoying and repetitive and boring.
6) Fugazi: I think they're okay, but overrated.
7) Bright Eyes: I have a lot more respect for Bright Eyes after I went to their show, but I still have to be in a certain mood to listen to them. I really like Desaparecidos though.
8) Metallica: Haha. My dad likes them.
9) Destiny's Child: They remind me of puberty.
10) Simple Plan: No, no, and no.
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