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!Name:Tom Engelsman
!Age: 19
!Location: Big Rapids, MI
!Top ten bands and top five movies:
1. Joy Division
2. Apoptygma Berzerk
3. Bauhaus
4. Depeche Mode
5. New Order
6. The Faint
7. Bright Eyes
8. Emery
9. Sunny day real estate
10. Radiohead

1. American Beauty
2. Ghost World
3. Requiem for a Dream
4. Rushmore
5. American History X

!Post one picture of yourself being as emo as possible, and one picture of yourself being as non-emo as possible:
title or description

Not Emo:
title or description


1)Do you consider yourself emo? why the fuck? Maybe. Not many emo kids listen to Industrial, though.
2)Whats the most obscure band you've ever referenced? Where did you hear about them?
Probably Machines of Loving Grace. They're a good industrial/EBM band. I heard about them via XM.
3)What's your favorite article of clothing you
own? Any of my shirts from Threadless.com
4) TRIVIA (don't fuckin' cheat. seriously.): In the webcomic "Questionable Content," what BAND is prominently featured on a poster in Marten's apartment? No idea. Probably the Emo Girls of Doom.(tm)
5) Do you wear your belt sideways? Maybe.
6) Have you ever caught yourself standing close to the PA with your arms folded, expressionless, at a show? indeed.
7) Do you eat at taco bell? How often? Weekly, if that. I'm trying to cut down, but it's been hell.
8) Do you own a messenger bag? If so, how many? List ANY patches or buttons it has. Or writing. Ah. Here wego. I have a custom messenger bag from Timbuk2. It has a Depeche mode pin and a Joy Division pin. and this on time, some goth kids beat me up and drew flames on it.
9) Do you shop at Hot Topic? If so, what do you buy there? Hopefully not bondage pants, right? Not really, usually I buy clothes online or at thrift stores.
10) Do you prefer shows, or concerts? How many would you say you go to per month? This one time, I saw some guys playing those new-fangled guitar things. It was super.
OPINIONS (note: yes im aware that some-or none- of these bands aren't "emo." But im trying to get a feel for you here, so answer HONESTLY)

1) Dashboard
They're tolerable, at best.
2) Finch (or "The Bird Band" as I like to call it)
I could listen to them.
3) Fall Out Boy
Ehh, see above.
4) Norma Jean
I don't really likeXcore them.
5) Hot Hot Heat
6) Fugazi
There we go. Break out the kleenex, we're climbing Mt. Emo.
7) Bright Eyes
Oh god. Sex.
8) Metallica
Nah. Overplayed
9) Destiny's Child
10) Simple Plan
Again, nah.

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