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holy crap. i looked over the other apps, and mine is probably the longest one out there. ha. i babble. like now. shoot me.



!Name: Pauline
!Age: 17
!Location: South San Francisco, CA
!Top ten bands and top ten movies:
Ben Folds Five, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Saves the Day, Rufio, The Doors, The Beatles, White Stripes, Air, Bowling for Soup, Cake
---movies (this is tough)
amelie, Nip/Tuck First Episode (that episode was 2 hours long and good enough to be a movie), Resevoir Dogs, Big Lebowski, Meet Joe Black, Boondock Saints, Fight Club (of course), The Beach, Mallrats, Dangerous Liasons

!Post one picture of yourself being as emo as possible, and one picture of yourself being as non-emo as possible:

emo bitchemo looking? or just attepting to be badas
not emo bitch
definitely not anything close to emo


1)Do you consider yourself emo? why the fuck? I don't really think so. I'm less into emo but more into like the old ass music. Yeah I listen the beatles, yeah i listen to ray charles and the doors.. Hey, this is random, but the band polars =) they're good too.
I'm not the stereotypically unhappy emo kiddo, I'm pretty content. (so now you're probably wondering why I'm babbling and why I'm joining).. i'm joining because you guys seem pretty funny from the getgo.. even from the rules.

i think i can be a funny bitch.

2)Whats the most obscure band you've ever referenced? Probably Polaris.. haha very few people know they there were the ones who sang Pete&Pete's theme song. but i still do reference them because when you find one of the few people who do know them, then you know you've found a good friend. haha

3)What's your favorite article of clothing you
own? my underwear i guess.. i like underwear in general. one of my favorite pairs is red with orange lining and has hello kitty on the front, with "warming hearts since 1976" on the back. oh yes.
4) TRIVIA: What instrument does Bryce Avary of the Rocket Summer play? Isn't Bryce ALL of Rocket Summer? I thought he played most of the instruments, and the songs he sings are mostly self-written
5) Do you own a scarf/peacoat? i have scarves, a green one, maroon, black.. peacoat? no, sports jacket oh yes
6) Have you ever caught yourself crying at a show?

yes, but that was only because someone attempted to mosh and hit me in the tit. that shit hurts.

to be honest, no. haha. perhaps i just wanted to add the word "tit" somewhere in here.
7) Do you eat mac and cheese? If so, how often? when i'm too lazy to cook, but hardly. it gets old

8) Do you own a messenger bag? If so, how many? No, i like strange ass purses. messenger bags are too big.
9) Do you shop at Hot Topic? oh yes. even though its a small branch of Gap, or so i've heard. where else can i get kooky looking underpanties?

1) New dashboard or old Dashboard? Old Dashboard
2) New Brand New or old Brand New? old Brand New
3) New Saves the Day or old Saves the Day? New Saves the Day
4) New Something Corporate Or old SoCo? New SoCo
5) Shows or Concerts? [how many wuold you say you attend weekly/monthly?] shows.. concets feel less personal, and shows are considerably cheaper (if not free) which is great
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